Teacher Certification

We do not offer an undergraduate NYS teacher Certification program for early childhood education at ESC. Students who are interested in working towards a bachelor’s degree at ESC, then entering a program that includes NYS teacher certification at the master’s level, should visit the NYS Office of Teaching Initiatives and individual college websites for information. As you begin the degree planning process, carefully consider what type of program will meet the prerequisites for the certification you desire. Your mentor will help you design a program that meets these requirements. Some colleges prefer something that resembles our human development AOS with a psychology or early childhood concentration, others prefer that you have a degree in a content area such as math, science, or a foreign language with various concentrations, yet others want a solid interdisciplinary degree. Here are some resources to get you started as you consider the right pathway for you.

New York State Education Department requires the following undergraduate prerequisites for certification in early childhood education. Be sure to add them to your degree plan:
• 30 credits in a Liberal Arts major;
• 6 credits in Mathematical Processes: coursework in such areas as algebra, geometry, calculus, number theory, statistics, or probability;
• 6 credits in Scientific Processes: coursework in such areas as biology, chemistry, astronomy, earth science, or physics;
• 6 credits in Historical & Social Science Concepts: coursework in such areas as history, anthropology, economics, psychology, sociology, or political science;
• 3 credits in Written Expression: coursework in English or composition;
• 3 credits in a Language other than English (including American Sign Language);
• Artistic Expression: coursework in such areas as art, dance, music or theater;
• Humanities: coursework in such areas as literature, religion (but not theology), philosophy, or cultural anthropology;
• Communication: coursework in such areas as communication, English, written or literary analysis, or composition; and
• Information Retrieval: coursework in such areas as library studies, research, computer literacy, or educational technology.

SUNY Transfer Path for Childhood/Early Childhood Education – Be sure to add these courses to your degree plan.

Boards of Cooperative Educational Services BOCES of NYS has regional centers with staff that can help you find answers about teacher certification in your community.

New York State Education Department

If you would like to start with a bachelor’s and move onto a Master of Arts in Teaching for middle school, please consider the ESC Combined Degree Programs in the Master of Arts in Teaching.

Options include:

Enrollment in a combined program allows students to work on the Master of Arts in Teaching while completing the bachelor’s degree.  Up to 12 credits of designated master’s courses are incorporated into the bachelor’s degree program and will count toward both the bachelor’s and master’s degree. 

MAT program in the School for Graduate Studies: MAT Information Sessions