Credentials in NYS

If you are interested in working with young children, you might consider the early childhood credentials that are available at ESC. These credentials are a wonderful way to showcase your talents and expertise as you consider a career in early care and education. We offer the coursework that you need to meet the required competencies, the actual credentials are offered by the New York State Association for the Education of Young Children. Currently there are 4 credentials that are offered through NY AEYC; Children’s Program Administrator Credential, Infant Toddler Care & Education Credential, Training and Technical Assistance Professional Credential, and the Family Child Care Credential.

NY AEYC Children’s Program Administrator Credential: There are 20 credits designed to meet the required competencies for this credential:

  1. Children’s Programs: Administration
  2. Children’s Programs: Ethical and Professional Standards
  3. Children’s Programs: Financial Planning and Budgeting
  4. Children’s Programs: Design and Supervision
  5. Children’s Programs: Capstone

Note: If you are interested in NAEYC accreditation, the CPAC credential is eligible as an alternative pathway to meet the educational qualifications of the designated program administrator. Administrator Credentials recognized by NAEYC.

NYSAEYC Infant Toddler Care & Education Credential:
This credential is designed for child care providers that want to be the Head Teacher or Head of Group in an infant and/or toddler setting. The following CDL courses will help you meet the required competencies:
• Exploring the Professions: Children and Child Care (2 credits)
• Infant and Toddler Development: Intro
• Attachment in Early Childhood
• Curriculum and Environments for Infants and Toddlers

You can take these courses and complete the credential as a non-matriculated student, or select them as part of your degree plan. Please email me for additional information, or to talk about the specific coursework that is available.

Training and Technical Assistance Professional Credential: This NYS credential is designed for early childhood professionals with a few years of experience who would like to offer training to other child care providers. We do not offer any specific coursework towards this credential, but with a Bachelor’s Degree that includes coursework in early childhood (and the right qualifications) you are eligible to apply on your own.  As the Trainer Credential gains more recognition, many trainers are finding it helpful to take some additional courses in early childhood to update their knowledge and skills.

Family Child Care Credential: If you own a family child care program, this might be worth pursuing.

New York State School-Age Care Credential: AfterSchool Works! New York administers the most successful School-Age Care Credential program in the nation. Developed in collaboration with the New York State Office of Children and Family Services Bureau of Early Childhood Services and Cornell University, the New York State School-Age Care Credential is designed to promote quality services to children and families by providing specific standards, training and evaluation of afterschool practitioners. ESC offers coursework designed to meet the competencies required for this credential out of our Hudson Valley Center.